I love to create free e-patterns, free e-printables, and free e-books for my customers and blog readers and have created several of each.  All of my free e-patterns, e-printables, and e-books are available on the  My Free E-Patterns, E-Printables, & E-Books page of my Linda's Blog.  Just click the link below:

My Free E-Patterns, E-Printables, & E-Books

Then just click on the image of the free e-product you want there.  You'll be brought to my Linda's Blog post for my free e-product.  Just click on the link in my Linda's post and you'll be brought to my Google Drive where you can view my free e-product.  Then just download my free .pdf e-product to your computer. Once my e-product is downloaded to your computer you can save it and print it.  You can also save my e-products to your Google Drive.  I hope you enjoy my free e-products.

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