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My name is Linda Walsh and I am an avid crafter, doll maker and designer.  I have been crafting for over 50 years. 

The dolls and I love crafting and love creating e-patterns for grown-up girls decorating purposes!

Now you might be saying, "You create e-patterns for grown-up girls?" That's right: grown-up girls.  You see, I'm a woman who has never outgrown her love of dolls and crafts. I just love making them and using them as decorations for my home. I change them with every season and holiday and find they create a wonderful, warm environment for my home.

So, I designed a wide variety of different doll e-patterns, as well as some craft e-patterns. My doll e-patterns are designed for all those grown-up girls who are still little girls in their hearts. They are meant to be loved and displayed as decorations by grown-up girls in their homes and are not intended as toys or products for use by children.  My doll and craft e-patterns range from easy for beginners to difficult for the advanced seamstress who wants a challenge.  Many of my e-patterns are available for free.

Besides all of the above I've always wanted to design custom fabrics using my "dollie" whimsical graphics and have a "Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs" shop at If you're looking for whimsical custom fabric designs to make decorations and/or handmade gifts for a special occasion then I have a wide variety of whimsical designs to choose from.  Please note that all transactions for purchasing fabric are between you (the customer) and

If all that isn't enough I also have a couple other blogs which we also write for.  You can check them all out here.

Why so many, you might wonder?  Well, the dolls just love to see their names in print and I not only love dolls but love doll histories and the Victorian Era. Needless to say I do a lot of writing. 

So,  now you know all about me.